Criminal Defense

We can represent you in criminal cases involving embezzlement, credit card fraud, tax evasion, drug possession, trafficking, DUIs, theft, sex crimes, fraud, violent crimes, and traffic infractions.

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Professional License Discipline

Experts agree that you need to at least consult with an attorney before engaging in any sort of communication with the board presiding over your license discipline.

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White Collar Crime

Sandage Law represents individuals and corporations in criminal actions regarding securities fraud, insider trading allegations, false financial statements, and misstatements to investors.

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Medical & Nursing Board Hearings

Along with all the traditional areas in which a patient could complain, medical professionals now have to be especially mindful of their online professionalism and digital reputation.

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Federal Investigations

We’ll help you when governmental agencies investigate activities related to bribery, counterfeiting, public corruption, counterintelligence, drug trafficking, violent crime, sexual assault, and more.

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