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Criminal Defense

We can represent you in criminal cases involving embezzlement, credit card fraud, tax evasion, drug possession, trafficking, DUIs, theft, sex crimes, fraud, violent crimes, and traffic infractions.

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Professional License Discipline

Experts agree that you need to at least consult with an attorney before engaging in any sort of communication with the board presiding over your license discipline.

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White Collar Crime

Sandage Law represents individuals and corporations in criminal actions regarding securities fraud, insider trading allegations, false financial statements, and misstatements to investors.

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Medical & Nursing Board Hearings

Along with all the traditional areas in which a patient could complain, medical professionals now have to be especially mindful of their online professionalism and digital reputation.

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Federal Investigations

We’ll help you when governmental agencies investigate activities related to bribery, counterfeiting, public corruption, counterintelligence, drug trafficking, violent crime, sexual assault, and more.

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“We are extremely transparent. You get the honest truth, not false hope.”

Kansas City Criminal Defense Attorneys

Many of our clients are surprised to see just how honest our attorneys can be. During your consultation, and in every subsequent conversation, we never spare the truth. While some attorneys will tell you what you want to hear in the early stages only to let you down in the end, we will thoroughly explain your options in a way that’s straightforward and direct while accounting for your best interests.

The root of most criminal cases is fear

From the reasons behind the criminal act to the consequences that come as a result, people involved in criminal cases are often filled with fear. Through our extensive experience representing individuals and businesses against criminal allegations, we’ve seen that fear can play a huge role in the cause of the crime. Then, when you’re accused, you may feel afraid of what this will mean for your life — for your finances, your family, your career, and your freedom.

The team at Sandage Law is here to help you through that fear. We believe that, no matter what your past looks like, you deserve a positive future. While you wrestle with the emotions involved in a criminal case, our team will come alongside you to provide expert guidance on your situation. We will analyze every aspect of your case, provide sound recommendations, and support you throughout the process.

Get help from our experienced team

Attorneys Lance Sandage and Sarah Hess understand. No matter how hopeless things may seem right now, we want to encourage you to schedule a consultation with us. While we can’t simply erase any consequences you may be facing, we do have the knowledge and skills that will help you make smart decisions during this difficult time. Contact us today about your licensing, DUI charge, governmental investigation, or white collar crime in Kansas or Missouri.