If you’re faced with a criminal charge in or near Kansas City, one of the best assets you can have is a criminal defense team that’s experienced, compassionate, and effective. At Sandage Law, attorneys Lance Sandage and Sarah Hess have represented hundreds of clients in a variety of criminal cases. Our areas of expertise include:

Theft, Fraud, & Property Crimes

Sandage Law represents individuals against federal and state charges of theft, fraud, and embezzlement. We defend clients against a variety of charges, from burglaries and robberies to complex cases alleging mail, wire, and other forms of fraud. Sandage Law has experience defending these cases by completing a thorough investigation to identify the client’s best defense, working with investigators to interview witnesses and victims, and negotiating with prosecutors to minimize the charges.

Violent Crimes

We have experience representing clients against allegations of violent crimes, including assaults, armed robberies, weapons charges, and murders. Our attorneys also have experience representing individuals who face a potential death sentence. If convicted, clients can face long prison sentences and a lifetime of registering as a violent offender. Clients charged with violent crimes need an attorney committed to conducting thorough investigations, identifying and arguing all legal issues, and fighting for clients at trials. Sandage Law has a long and proven history of success in each of these areas.

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Sex Crimes

The penalties for state and federal sex offenses, including production and possession of child pornography, sexual assaults and rapes, prostitution, and solicitation, have increased dramatically. A sex crime conviction can mean substantial prison time and a lifetime of sexual offender registration. Sandage Law has represented many clients facing these kinds of charges. We defend these cases by understanding the client’s psychological condition, gaining the assistance of medical experts to review medical records, and working with former law enforcement investigators to interview witnesses. We can also resolve these matters with minimum public attention.


Sandage Law has been able to achieve outstanding results in federal and state sentencing proceedings, including diversions, probation, and suspended sentences. Many of our clients face collateral consequences, including the loss of professional licensing or immigration status. We work to resolve cases so that these consequences can be lessened or avoided altogether.

Sentencing advocacy demands expertise and creativity. Our attorneys find creative ways to argue for the most favorable sentences possible over the government’s recommendation of lengthy prison terms.

Along with these charges, we can also represent you in cases involving white collar crime, embezzlement, credit card fraud, tax evasion, drug possession, trafficking, DUIs, and traffic infractions.

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Kansas City, Missouri

Working exclusively in the criminal law area, Sandage Law provides solid, effective legal counsel to those who have been charged with a criminal offense. Criminal litigation can be a simple or complex matter depending upon the nature of the crime committed. Our team of attorneys offers the experience, skill, and necessary knowledge to defend those accused of any type of criminal offense in Missouri, Kansas, or federal court. We have the exceptional legal skills and abilities to achieve results for our clients. Contact us today for a consultation.